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Designer Interview: Ed Grace

Who are you?

Ed Grace

What inspired you to become a designer?

Having hands that wouldn't stop moving and making marks on things.

Who are your influences?

Everything I've ever seen, especially comics artists of the 1980s (eg Brian Bolland/ 2000AD) old school graffiti (Lee, Seen, Dondi et al) the techno scene (Spiral Tribe, Mutoid Waste, unknown flyer / sleeve designers) and probably hacker graphics of the 1990s as I spent a lot of time in front of an Amiga in the mid 90s, so groups like Fairlight, Bamiga Sector One and of course Red Sector.

Where did you study and how do you feel that has affected your work?

I studied History of Art at Edinburgh University so I've soaked up a lot of different influences and traditions. Occasionally I consciously pinch something from one of the cultures I've studied but I'm sure much more comes through by osmosis.

Ed Grace

How much do other forms of art influence your work?

Hugely, especially music.

How conventional are your working hours and do you work from a fixed location?

Not especially; I aim for 9-5 but find that I get better and better the later it gets and sometimes deadlines mean all-nighters. I tend to work from my studio at home but I do a lot of live illustration these days that happens wherever the client is.

How would you sum up your style?

I think it changes a great deal from month to month and job to job but I've always been interested in gross details and slightly nauseating colour schemes. Heavy, clean lines, flat colour and unusual hand-lettered type are increasingly prevalent.

Is there any design, illustration, artwork that you wish you had created?

Most good things. On one level I'd have liked to have drawn the Innocent Drinks logo because everyone asks me if I did, and it was actually done by one of their previous designers.

Could you share any advice with someone who is considering design as a career?

Don't mug yourself and keep looking at the world around you.